Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tucson Landscaping Maintenance Yard Service

Quality & Affordable Landscaping Services Tucson Arizona
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Over 7 years of experience in the landscaping maintenance and general yard clean up field.
Minimum rate for yard clean up is $150.
Services include
WEED REMOVAL - Tree Trimming - HEDGING - Hauling - & MORE.
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Low Cost Yard Maintenance & Landscaping

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to get your yard cleaned up with quality. What better way than to hire an affordable landscaping company who has their own tools to get the work done for you. We are also experienced and have a truck and trailer to haul away any debris that we create. If you have just moved to the area then give us a call so we can clean up your yard for a one time clean up. If your yard is high maintenance then it may be necessary for a month to month clean up or quarterly clean up for your landscaping. Our low cost landscaping services have save people money over the years. We are happy to help anybody with their landscaping needs. If you provide free estimates prior to starting the work. Free with the price then we can schedule for an appointment. Thank you for reading and have a great day.


Albert Dutton
Quality Yard Cleaning

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bring In The New Year 2016 With A Great Landscaping Team

For the past 5 years dedication in landscaping has been top level for the Quality Yard Cleaning / A.D. Landscaping team. We have  helped hundreds of people get their yards back in order to a clean presents when they are in need.

Some situations ranging from moving out, moving in, satisfying the H.O.A., or doing a nice thing for a family member or friend, have been part of our amazing experience. All in all, no matter what is needed, we are happy to be of help. 

In some situations we have saved a home owner or tenant hundreds of dollars, by being "fair" with our price.

Just because we know that you may have more money than another family, we will keep you in the same price bracket. Even if you don't have as much money as another family, but need to get the service done, we will work with you at a reasonable "fair" rate.

Call 520-443-0607 to schedule your time and day for a free estimate.

I for one, know that if it was not for my loyal and dedicated customers who needed yard clean up, I may not have build to the point where I am at now. For that, I thank every single person who helped me reach my goals all the way.

If you are in need of a service that requires removing weeds, trimming trees, hedging bushes, blowing out mesquite beans, raking, hauling, irrigation, or more, get in touch with us today.

We are here to help you get your property back in shape for a very reasonable price.   <-------- More information can be view here.

Call or text anytime for your best 2016 landscaping.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monthly Maintenance Clients Needed

Affordable Landscaping Services

Are you looking for a great deal on yard maintenance for the 2015 -2016 year? Give us a call today at 520-443-0607 to schedule a time and a day to get your yard serviced on a monthly or bi weekly basis. For only $90 per bi weekly visit or $135 monthly visit Now offering $60 weekly yard service. Give us a call at 520-443-0607 or email at

Here are some picture of our work

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tucson Yard Cleaning

Are you looking for somebody to come by your property and provide you with a free estimate for yard maintenance? We offer top of the line quality yard cleanup for all Tucson for a budget-friendly. If you are looking to schedule within the week please feel free to give us a call today. Over 5 years experience doing yard cleanup and monthly maintenance. All tools truck and trailer for hauling. 520-443-0607 more information

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tree Trimming and Weed Removal With Quality Yard Cleaning

Did you just move to Tucson area and need someone who can remove weeds or trim trees on your property? We can provide you with an affordable service that the whole Tucson community deserves. Too many companies waste customers time, or are not reliable. We show up on time, have professional gas powered echo, and sthil equipment. We are able to haul debris to the landfill and get it there safely. We know how to get the job done in a time efficient manor. Some of the services that we provide are. - Hedge Trimming - Tree Trimming - Irrigation - Weed Removal - Hauling - Gravel Spreading - Landscape Design - Mowing ( Weekly, Bi Weekly, Monthly) Call and ask about our maintenance packages ???? - Leaf Blowing Tools that we use.. Hedgers, Pole Saw, Blowers, Hula Hos, Shovels, Wheel Barrows, Etc... Discounts are available!! 520-443-0607

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tools Overview For Best Landscaping In Tucson

What We Use To Complete Your Landscaping Tasks

Best One Of A Kind Techniques, Bring Out The Best In Yard Work... When living in the dry arid desert, we find dry vegetation. Commonly known as weeds, these desert plants are disliked by residents all over the city. They could cause fire damage, and are just an eye sore to many neighbors to keep up on their landscape maintenance. In some cases, the city of Tucson has distributed letters to peoples' front doors, threatening to subject a fine to the homeowner, if they do not rid the weeds, by a certain deadline. For those who are in this situation, or would like to avoid a situation like this from happening, should act immediately on hiring a landscaping team at 520-443-0607, or attempt to remove the weeds yourself, before a hefty charge is applied to your place of residence. Today I will provide you with valuable information on how to obtain a clear yard and make your city officials and neighbors happy in the future. When it comes to removing weeds, people imagine pulling them by hand with gloves or using a shovel to remove them at the base. Sometimes it take hours if not days to complete a section. I would recommend using a hula ho, which will allow you to pivot back and forth and move through dirt or rocks with ease. They are not very wide, but will get the job done for you every time. A hula ho will usually only work well on small fresh weeds, or extremely dry weeds.There are several different techniques on how to master the hula ho demonstrated in A.D. Landscaping Training Tutorials. Over the years, I have been taught many techniques, which I have passed on to other people who have participated in cleaning yards. My goal is to be able to teach thousands of people world wide, the extreme measures that one must take while building or bettering their landscaping business. My favorite method of removing weeds is by surface scraper. I was taught this technique by a senior landscape worker who had been doing his own business for years. As a 27 year old entrepreneur looking for the best methods myself, I kept my mouth shut and ears open to the techniques that this landscaper was showing me. As he began to scrape away at the weeds, he explained to me that you need to keep the tool level with the ground. He was also describing how you must bend at a weird angle, and may be tedious on ones' back. As I trained on the tool, I was thinking to myself, that there has got to be a better way to utilize this tool. In about one day, I had my own technique on removing weeds with the surface scraper. Before I explain my method, I want to share with you some advice that I was taught as a youngster some 15 plus years ago. I was told that you learn from your teachers, but when you exceed your teachers knowledge is when you have really put in work. This meaning,that, learn from your teachers, but when you can teach your teachers, then you have stepped your game up to heights, only heavens could shake hands with. Now for my secret techniques, when it comes to utilizing the surface scraper. Previously I had mentioned that one of the downfalls of using the surface scrapper, was that one must bend tediously to elevate the tool properly with the ground. The surface scrapper must be flush with the ground, therefore, you must physically get your body at that level. My method, is that you get down on your knees and scrape. Knowing that the knee bone is delicate, it would be wise to wear knee pads for maximum comfort. Even low on your knees, you are able to stretch as far out as you can, and clear an area, by moving around the circumference of that area in which you wish to deweed. I have provided a video from A.D. Landscaping Training Tutorials below for you to visualize what I am explaining. Click Here to View Video. Furthermore I would like to compare the Home Depot surface scrapers to the the surface scrapers sold at Llowes. I am sure there are surface scrapers all over the place, but for this post, I will only compare the two companies. I started out by purchasing my first surface scraper from Home Depot. The cost is $19.97 plus tax. In the photo below you will see the bolts that connect the scraper to handle. This is a clever way to build, but there are flaws. The bolts loosen up as you apply friction during the utilization of the tool. If you lose bolts, your blade will fall out, and the tool will not be able to function, until you replace the bolts. However, it does make adding a replacement blade very easy.
The second place I discovered where I could purchase this amazing surface scraper tool was Llowes. The price comparison is lower than that of Home Depot. They offer their surface scraper for $19.51 plus tax. The build on the other hand, is much better in my opinion. The bolts have never gone lose on me, and the handle has a grip at the end for better hand traction. After months of using one scraper, I figured there is no way for this tools to be damaged. I was wrong. There weld point where the handle joins the blade wears over time. I had my whole blade body, fall off the handle due to the weld wearing down. Although it's an easy fix, a person would need a welder to get the repair done.
So with that being said, each tools can be damaged but I recommend the Llowes surface scraper of the Home Depot surface scraper. Ideally, when it comes to scrapping up any type of weeds, or trimming trees, or hedging bushes, and hauling the debris, nobody really wants to do it themselves. Some are too busy with their jobs, family, or just don't have the equipment to get it done. That is why you should call 520-443-0607 to schedule a time and day for a FREE estimate, and or to get the landscaping yard work that you need done. To make the estimation process easier, you may utilize modern day technology, and submit photos to either 520-443-0607 or and you will be provided with an estimate within 72 hours.
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